One for all.

Diageo wanted a single digital property that would serve as a central hub for all the brands they owned so we created a site experience that used a simple search field to connect users to over 80 Diageo brands and thousands of drink recipes.

Search driven.

We wanted the home page to be simple and inviting, like a bartender. In fact, we just simplified it to a field so people can just ask what they're looking for.

A drink for every occassion.

To raise to the next level, Diageo wanted to showcase the kind of drinks that could be made quickly and easily at home. The approach was simple, treat each drink photo like you were posting it to facebook. By shooting in natural light and minimally staging the drinks in a simple home setting, we shot over 400 drinks in just over a week, providing a key ingredient in elevating the new site.

Safe landing.

Seach played a big role in choosing key pages for our design. Naturally people are searching for recipes and brands, so we crafted special landing pages to make sure had it’s best foot forward.