Global website, campaigns, social and beyond

Global website.

Samsung came to us with the challenge of re-launching their .com site which lacked emotional appeal. They wanted visual impact balanced with modularity for different regions around the world. Our solution? We created an emotionally-led design approach showcasing the strong industrial design skills of the company using large, full bleed imagery. And once we had their attention, our headlines communicated the emotional benefits of the product. With the images in hand, we devised a way for each region to share assets from a global library and designed modular templates that flexed to fit marketing needs of local regions in over 65 countries. All aspects combined to produce a huge shift in not only how Samsung marketed their products globally, but how the organization marketed a product launch around the world.

Product Demos.

Once launched, the site needed compelling content to captivate customers on the site and on the web. Beyond standard product photos and 360 demos, we created a series of product videos aimed at generating excitement and highlighted key product features. The videos were systematically constructed, allowing for country customization then distributed as assets to be used across the globe as part of a shared library.

Smart TV.

For the 2011 launch of Samsung Smart TV's we wanted to create a site that not only showcased TV functionality, but created a sharable, immersive experience. So we designed our site to be smart...literally. Using a series of 10 seemly random questions from our partner Hunch, the site smartly predicted the best movie for you with a scary degree of accuracy. Movie recommendations would then be served up along side the ability to invite friends to a watching party through Facebook. Time to get the popcorn.

3D TV.

When 3D TV was first launched, consumers had one huge question: “What am I going to watch?” We addressed their concerns head on. Gathering the brightest minds in the business, we gave consumers a behind the scenes look at 3D technology. From Ed Leonard, the Chief Technology Officer of Dreamworks, to Mauro Fiore, the Academy Award winning cinematographer of Avatar, we educated consumers on 3D technology, showed consumers all the incredible features already available, and even gave them a preview of amazing 3D content yet to come.

The video series generated over 250,000 views on YouTube in the first few weeks alone, and our experts generated even further discussion through social media with Tweets and Facebook posts over the first 3 months of the campaign.