American Express

Branded content & product launches

Digital Insider.

With new digital tools available to small business owners, American Express needed to communicate how they could take businesses to the next level. There was no one more suited to the task than Leslie Berland, who helped lead the digital transformation at American Express. Videos showcased business leaders and how they've partnered with American Express to tap into a whole new market of digital consumers.

Plum Card Launch.

When launching a complex financial product, it's tough to communicate all the details while making it an entertaining experience. But that's just what we did. Using a dynamic info graphic approach coupled with an optimistic tone, we created a engaging video that balences the card's unique benefits with relatable moments pertaining to small business.

Receipt Match iAd.

Small business owners are super busy people, but they have time for a little fun and games. To engage iPhone users, we created a quick, but super sticky memory matching game. After it launched, we had the highest time of engagement on any iAd to date. Ads were placed on sites that had a large amount of small business traffic like Turbo Tax.